I Create Beautiful Websites...
With optimized loading speeds, product-centered design, and industry-leading security.

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Hi! I Create Beautiful Websites...
With optimized loading speeds, product-centered design, and industry-leading security.

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Great Communication

I am a natural collaborator, and enjoy working with people. Becuase I know creating a website is a big deal, I promise to respond within twenty-four hours!

Solid Storytelling

I believe that every page or experience starts with a story wanting to be told, which is why storytelling is such a crucial skill.

Strong Learning Ability

I'm a fast learner, and understand that things can change quickly, which is why I am able to adapt to different situations.

Good Problem Solving

I'm a good problem solver because I attack problems from different angles, rather than forcing a bad approach, I'd rather "think smarter, not harder".

Hard Web Skills

This is a good sample of what web areas I'm familiar with, and if you're looking for a specific coding langauge or tool I can use, here would be place to do so. As a note, I'm constantly learning new skills and ideas, so sending me a quick email is the best way to know whether I'm familiar with a certain concept or language.

Coding Knowlege

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • XML

Design Tools

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress


Help A Sista Out Resale

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Nonprofit & Community Resource

I created a complete website for Help A Sista Out Resale, primarily using Wordpress, and it's "Neve" plugin, and using HTML, CSS, and Font Awesome to touch up here and there. Parts of the website I found intersesting are listed below.

Imagrey Slideshow

This (Wordpress) slideshow shows Help a Sista Out Resale's food pantry giving out food!

Donation Portal

I used Snowball Fundrasing, (formerly known as @pay) a partner trusted by more than ten thousand oragnizations in the U.S. alone.

Services Showcase

The Services showcase gives the user a good idea of the products the shop has to offer, as well as some images to demonstrate these goods.

Irina Liebmann Photography

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Small Business

I created a complete website for Irina Liebmann Photography, primarily using HTML and CSS for the majority of the content, and JavaScript and PHP for some server-side functionality (like the contact form and slideshow).

FAQ Dropdowns

Each frequently asked question has a small dropdown menu corresponding to it, which lights up and expands upon tapping/clicking.

Dynamic Contact Form

I set up this contact form using PHP, splitting the form into two pages, optional and required, one page featuring a checkbox section.

Reviews and Testimonials

The reviews section of the website is important as it showcases the final product the customer got, and how the process getting there was.

About Me & Contact

Flynn Condit

Last Edited: October 19th, 2020

Hello! I'm a web designer in the Austin Metropolitan Area, but I'm also a basketball player, photographer, skier, golf player, and sushi enthusiast. I'm also a former communications intern at Clean Water Action.

1 / 3
South First Street, Austin TX During the summer of 2020, I managed to get this shot in the Lower Congress area at dusk, and really liked the way the sun reflected off of the Colorado River.
2 / 3
Mad River Glen, Waitsfield VT Here is a picture of me near the top of Stark Mountain, (3,637 feet above sea level) heading down for one of the last runs of the day.
3 / 3
Various Locations, Katy TX Pictured here are some of my basketball and golf medals, most notably my first place induvidual ribbon in the (2019) JV Lamar Consolidated District Tournament (Bottom Right) and my first place trophy in the (2019) Winter Langtham Basketball League (Top Right).

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